The Value of Building Maintenance Software in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in maintenance for real estate property enhances the value of your property to your company, your tenants, and their clients.  Having a properly maintained property not only adds financial value to your investment, but also livens up the neighborhood, makes people feel welcome, and improves morale for workers in the property.

Commercial properties are in competition for tenants, and the way a property looks not only affects the rent you can charge, but the success of your tenants.  If you have a mid sized to large commercial property, you likely have a maintenance and janitorial staff on hand or use the services of a qualified vendor.

Communication about work that needs to be done should be visible to all invested parties, which is why many companies rely on web based Building Maintenance Software.  There are multiple functions that can be managed with this type Maintenance Software, such as Preventive Maintenance, Work Requests, Periodic Work, Janitorial Services, Landscaping Services, Security, and Snow Removal.

The best part of using web based Building Maintenance Software is the visibility gained.  For example, you will be able to see if all of your janitorial work is completed properly, the trash was picked up, the floors in the restrooms are clean, grounds policing has been done to ensure no debris or trash in laying around outside, etc.

The current  economic climate has forced many companies to cut back on spending, but there comes a point where it will cost you more money to cut any further.  You have to be certain that your support team is keeping up with the maintenance of your building so you provide value to your tenants and ensure your investment remains sound.

Your janitorial and maintenance staff play an important role in the success of a property.  Think about all the tasks performed by these support staff, and if they are not performed well or often enough, what would happen to your investment?

• Would your tenants be able make a positive impression to prospective clients?
• Would vital equipment be able to function without proper cleaning and preventative care?
• What safety hazards would arise from working in that environment?
• Would the overall morale of employees suffer?

The goal of successful commercial properties is to minimize costs while achieving exceptional value.  For many property managers, the best way to experience exceptional value is through optimization of necessary work and communication on optional work to ensure that you don’t waste precious resources.

Your choice of Building Maintenance Software can have a large impact on the value you receive for your investment by improving communication, planning, and execution of your necessary expenses.