Leadership in Facility Management

Leadership plays a vital role in facility management.  Good facility managers lead by example, earning respect.

However, the skills that made successful facility managers in the past (such as technical knowledge) no longer are enough.  New skills are needed to adapt to changing facility and client demands to remain a successful leader.

Keep in mind that your facility management department may have different views of successful facility management than people outside of the department.  Since your facility management department deals with extensive requirements, meeting all of the needs and desires of your company, clients, and tenants can severely strain available resources.

Strong leaders focus on remaining flexible in both thinking and resource allocation to balance business needs, client satisfaction, and tenant public relations.  Along with technical knowledge and effective supervision, leadership also needs to include planning, communication, performance verification, and client relations to optimize performance in your facility.

To meet all of the challenges of today’s facilities, it has become increasingly important to utilize time saving tools such as Facility Maintenance Software to keep your team on track and communicate performance.  Having the ability to plan work efficiently, communicate requirements instantly, and track work performance helps facility managers retain control of resources and provide stronger leadership.