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Janitorial Software

Inventory Management

No one plans to waste money, but without a good plan money gets wasted anyway.

Our Janitorial Inventory Management Software can help you understand all of the dynamics of supply consumption to minimize waste, improve cash flow, and ensure accountability for all of your resources.

Keep track of equipment and supplies across multiple buildings.

You will have minimum and maximum inventory levels for every item in every location, and our Janitorial Inventory Management Software will help you keep on target.

Confirm Supply Consumption to Increase Accountability.

“How in the world did we consume that much in just one month?” Not a question you want to ask, let alone answer.

Get detailed supply consumption tracking summaries to know where and when your supplies are used. We can even help you track who receives supplies from your warehouse or supply closets.



Advanced budget management improves cash flow.

Gain greater control, improved cash flow, and minimize waste throughout your entire organization.

  • - Budget vs. Actual Analysis
  • - Complete Purchase Order Process
  • - Advanced Material Transfer Process
  • - Green Cleaning Consumption Tracking
  • - Material Receiving Mobile App
  • - Physical Inventory Mobile App
  • - Material Transfer Mobile App
  • - Built-In Product Training Videos

Budgets &

Purchase Orders

Advanced Purchase Order Processing and Budget Management.

Simplified ordering will save management time by placing orders for the whole facility at one time, regardless of vendor.

$$$ Clean with MORE Green $$$

When you place your next Green Cleaning Supply order, we want you to automatically compare your Monthly Budget versus Actual Orders to better control your costs.

That's a double dose of Green we think you will appreciate.

Mobilize Your Workforce

Track Budgets, Order Deliveries, Back Orders, Physical Inventory, and Material Transfers to improve cash flow.

Janitorial Software Physical Inventory

Physical Inventory & Transfers

Confirm Supply Consumption to Increase Accountability. Using barcodes makes physical inventories and inventory transfers far easier. Transfer materials from main storage to supply closets, work vans, and cleaning carts with no more phantom inventory and no more “I Don't Know”.

Janitorial Software Materials Receiving

Materials Receiving

Easily track incoming orders with the same SmartPhones or Tablets used by supervisors for Work Management, Quality Management, and Employee Management making them a true resource for your management team. Close out Purchase Orders quickly and accurately while keeping the flow of materials consistent.