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Landscape Management Software

Client Request Management

Use our Landscape Management Software to Gain Work Visibility, Improve Accountability, and Reduce Cost.

Understanding where Operations can cut costs has become a daily priority for many Landscaping Managers.

The largest area of focus lately has been labor costs and how to improve employee efficiency.

Our Landscape Management Software is a versatile productivity tool that can be quickly implemented to define work requirements, measure performance, immediately correct issues, and establish lasting preventive action.

In essence, you can do more with less.

If you are looking to improve budget management, optimize work efficiency, track work performance, or better manage your client requests, we can help your team achieve their goals.

The Bottom Line: You will Make More Money with our Landscape Management Software.



Manage + Dispatch + Track = Control.

Our Mobile Apps include work time stamps, GPS work coordinates, and photographs to keep your team productive.

  • - Emails can create Service Requests
  • - Client Mobile SR Photo-App
  • - Automatic Dispatch of Workers
  • - Complete Budget and Cost Control
  • - Worker Mobile SR Photo-App
  • - Schedule 3rd Party Contractor Work
  • - GPS Location Tracking
  • - Easy One Click Reporting
  • - Built-In Product Training Videos



Winning new business can't help you grow unless you have a process to consistently make money.

Our Landscape Management Software gives you the budgeting and tracking tools you need to succeed.

Control It to Keep It.

You will have individual project budgets plus monthly budgets on all Service Requests you perform. All purchases, labor, rentals, and third party contractors can be managed against your budgets to control spending and wasted man-hours as work happens, naturally improving cost control.

Mobile Connectivity

Efficiently manage all of your ongoing projects from anywhere at anytime.

Landscape Management Software Client Service Request App


Clients want you to listen to their needs and respond with cost effective solutions. Our Landscape Management Software helps them stay involved in the work process without having to do any work. Using our photo-request app or regular emails, clients get live project updates, plus they can see work progress with photos your crews take.

Landscape Management Software Worker Service Request App


Your crews will stay connected to their schedule through regular emails or through our work request photo-app, enabling increased work visibility and clear work instructions. You will get regular updates on work progress, including photos, time stamps, and GPS location stamps to ensure budget control and work efficiency.