Quick response is a hallmark of World Class Service. Using our Building Maintenance Software, you will be able to field customer requests or concerns and instantly dispatch workers via cell phone messaging to get work done. There is nothing faster! Fast is great, but how about convenience? We've got you covered - clients can email their requests directly into our Building Maintenance Software using your company's email address. Also, clients can use our Mobile App to take pictures of what they want, plus track the progress of service right from their SmartPhone. We provide detailed work performance and cost tracking to help you manage the true costs of service. Using our Building Maintenance Software, you will know the value each employee and supervisor has brought to your organization every work day.


It's hard to get excited about making money if it ends up getting wasted. Service Requests can be a significant variable cost, and if they are not managed efficiently, they can drain your resources. Our Building Maintenance Software gives your team an effective tool to plan work budgets, even on a single Service Request, plus track against budgets so you know exactly how your team's money was spent, including internal labor, third party contractors, rentals, and supplies.


Easily organize your service management to improve client satisfaction, increase work accountability, and keep more money.

Clients want to know that they will get what they asked for - on time, every time. Our Building Maintenance Software gives your clients a voice by connecting them to your service team no matter where they are. Clients can photo-document what they want with our Client SR App, plus track work progress so they have peace of mind.

Our Building Maintenance Software has the ability to provide complete work order instructions in the field, using the latest mobile technology to help employees complete work more efficiently. Field workers can take pictures of their work progress, plus you get automatic time and GPS location stamps to prove work performance.


  • Emails can create Service Requests
  • Client Mobile SR Photo-App
  • Automatic Dispatch of Workers
  • Complete Budget and Cost Control
  • Worker Mobile SR Photo-App
  • Easily Manage Repairs & Track Costs
  • Schedule 3rd Party Contractor Work
  • Barcode Tracking
  • Easy One Click Reporting
  • Built-In Product Training Videos