Improve Customer Service and Lower Cost
We have a former CIMS Certified Assessor on staff to help you understand the benefits that CIMS can bring to your business.

A streamlined service request process sounds great, but how do I control costs?
We've got you covered with the most advanced cost control in the industry. You will have the ability to track monthly budgets versus actual and can track individual project budgets to ensure major projects are managed well. Plus, you get detailed work performance tracking, including your 3rd party contractors, to help you ensure service delivery meets facility standards. Your team can photo-document work progress and perform quality inspections to prove performance to your clients.


Service Requests can be the largest variable cost in your facility.
Even if you have good budgeting methods now, it is likely that many completed requests go undocumented, draining your resources without the opportunity for control.


Dispatch workers via email to any mobile phone or photo-document work with our Mobile Apps.

Clients want quick, efficient service without having to do a lot of work. Our Service Request App for clients enables them to take pictures of their needs plus they can automatically track work progress. Clients also have the option to request and track work progress via email.

Increase productivity by optimizing work flow. Security Guards can automatically receive emails with full work instructions, including the ability to confirm the request, plus record start/stop time stamps. Using our Mobile App, workers also can take pictures of their work progress.


Easily organize your service management to satisfy clients, increase work accountability, and keep more money.

  • Emails can create Service Requests
  • Client Mobile SR Photo-App
  • Automatic Dispatch of Workers
  • Complete Budget and Cost Control
  • Worker Mobile SR Photo-App
  • Easily Manage Repairs & Track Costs
  • Schedule 3rd Party Contractor Work
  • Barcode Tracking
  • Easy One Click Reporting
  • Built-In Product Training Videos