Effectively manage your workforce, no matter where they are.
Time management for all of your staff is a top priority to maximize efficiency while providing great customer service.

Our Landscape Business Software is designed to help you track work progress while ensuring your quality targets are met.
Using automatic notifications, your staff will clearly know the priority of their work assignments, the expectations of your clients, and easily keep you informed of their progress at all times.

Online Employee Profiles help you adjust work schedules to meet labor availability.
You will have 24/7 access to employee contact information, including emergency numbers to help your crew managers solve personnel issues quickly and positively.


Prove training requirements are met to clients and regulators.
Create a training plan that will meet all of your Federal, State, and Local requirements, and keep full documentation of who attended, plus record notes about individual employee participation.

Training doesn't have to be about CYA.
The most important goal is keeping everyone safe, but nearly as important is knowing your staff has the skills to positively handle anything that they may face during the day.


Measuring Employee Performance is the first step towards a highly productive team.

Tracking work performance has many benefits, including work completion confirmation, photo-documentation of work, automatic time stamps to prove timely service, and an efficient feed back system to help employees understand their role in your team's success.

Most employees take pride in their work and want to know if their work performance meets the needs of your organization. Our Landscape Business software provides a natural work process to record what each team has achieved while providing details about individual employee performance.


Raise Accountability with our Landscape Business Software-
Ensuring you have the staffing to stay efficient and proving work performance to your clients has never been easier.

  • Complete Employee Profiles
  • Track Employee Training
  • Track Employee Performance
  • Daily Work Tracking Mobile App
  • Periodic Work Tracking Mobile App
  • Service Request Tracking Mobile App
  • Built-In Product Training Videos