Improve Accountability with the most advanced Cleaning Service Software.
How often do you find yourself scrambling to resolve issues, knowing that you will have to do it again soon?

Don't let inconsistent performance rob your hard work.
When a client sees inconsistent performance, even if it is a small part of your overall operation, they begin to think that they didn't get what they paid for. By providing optimized work schedules, work performance tracking, and detailed performance feedback, you have the right tools to permanently increase your success.

Get it right the first time.
Our Cleaning Service Software can track live work performance from any cell phone, or if you use SmartPhones / Tablets, you can take also photographs of work completion. Even if your staff has little to no computer experience, they will quickly improve their quality, consistency, and efficiency.


Automatic Work Assignments Keep Your Team On-Track.
Even just a few wasted man hours per month can add up to serious productivity losses over the year, which hurts your performance. Planning with full knowledge of other resource commitments can save you thousands of dollars per year - automatically.

Track More to Keep More.
Work performance can be tracked, so you know who did the work, when they Started and Stopped, how long it took, how much money you spent, and you can even take pictures of the work to document that it was done as requested.


What are your workers REALLY doing right now? Knowing what is actually getting done every day is a problem that is on the mind of every good manager.

Finally, you can get affordable performance tracking for every custodian and supervisor. Automatic alerts let you know whenever important work was not completed on time. You will also know how long each task is taking and the exact cost of each service within your facilities. Best of all, you will be able to prove work was completed on time to your clients.

Everything Contractors do in your facilities is a reflection of your business. Tracking their Start & End dates/times improves client communication and helps your team plan work more efficiently. Photographs of work in progress and work completion demonstrate to your clients that you have excellent service control.


Effectively Manage Your Most Valuable Resources-
Your employees are the heart of your business, and we can help ensure they stay productive and you stay informed.

  • Optimized Work Schedules
  • Highly Flexible Work Frequencies
  • Email Work Assignment Dispatch
  • Live Work Tracking from Any Smart Phone
  • Photo-Document Work Performance
  • Easily Manage Repairs & Track Costs
  • Full Work Instruction Profiles
  • Work Performance Tracking App
  • Detailed Quality Inspection App
  • Built-In Product Training Videos