Safety First- Inspect the Quality of Work Performed.
In order to keep your facility secure, you must be able to determine if the quality of work performed is acceptable or not. By using the TAMS Quality app, security guards will be able to identify and implement the correct security measures needed to protect your building.

Transparency and Integrity
We make it easy to track, categorize, photo-document, and understand work performance with simple, powerful one-click reports. You can now uncover the real root cause of persistent issues and implement lasting Preventive Action, which can save you thousands of dollars per month.


Corrective Action will always cost you money, but if you don't fix issues you could loose even more. Our Mobile App helps you photo-document any issues so workers can see exactly what they need to correct and managers get a deeper understanding of what to prevent. Stop pouring your hard earned money down the drain today.

For many years, product manufacturers have known that Preventive Action delivers a great Return on Investment. Our Janitorial Inspection Software was specifically designed to turn Cleaning into a performance based process. Uncover the best ways to use Preventive Action to gain control over costs and achieve your performance objectives.


You can turn Quality from an Expense into an Investment-
Efficient Mobile Apps help Inspectors cut their total work time by up to 50% while providing better inspections than ever.

  • Learn our Mobile App in 5 Minutes
  • Photo-Document Performance
  • Barcode Inspection Time Stamps
  • Customizable Inspection Items
  • Inspection Item & Area Weighting
  • Automatic Corrective Action Process
  • Complete Preventive Action Process
  • Increase Employee Accountability
  • Built-In Product Training Videos