Maintenance and Repair Management Systems

When choosing a Maintenance and Repair Management System, it often difficult to find one system that meets the needs of everyone in the organization.   Although there are quite a number of Preventive Maintenance Software systems available, they each are organized differently and have their own requirements regarding maintenance.

An effective maintenance and repair system operates from the perspective of a facility manager.  Maintenance needs to be goal oriented, and Preventive Maintenance Software should support the needs of those directly performing or managing the work.

A well-designed management system will follow the classic management model: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling, and evaluating.  An excellent system will include a high level of automation and notification of significant events.

Elements to look for in a Maintenance and Repair Management System:

– Work Planning and Budgeting
– Staffing, Scheduling, and Performance Tracking
– Unscheduled Work Management and Automated Notifications
– Preventive Maintenance Management, Condition Assessment, and Equipment History
– Reports that increase understanding and lead to Preventive Action

Of course, oversight control and quick access to key performance measurements are important to corporate managers, and they should seek a system that will give them the tracking capabilities they need.

However, the most important priority should be choosing a system that your staff understands so they use it properly.  Bells and whistles may look desirable, but if the bell never rings and the whistle never blows, you have just purchased expensive eye candy.