Using CMMS to Create a Paperless Office

As technological advances increase in the business world, one obvious change is the amount of paper used in any office.  This is great news for the environment, as less paper means more trees, better air quality, and less waste.  But the financial savings to an office by going paperless can be just as convincing:

  1. Savings in paper costs:  Just how much does your company spend on paper products in any given quarter?  Most companies don’t consider their paper use much, as they have bigger items on their lists of major expenditures.  But paper products do add up.  In this economy, where every bit of fat is being trimmed, many companies are taking a hard look at paper use.
  2. Savings in storage:  How much space is wasted in your facility with files and reports—sometimes boxes or even pallets of these items?  What would it be worth to you and your company to reclaim that space?
  3. Savings in labor:  Did you ever think about the time an employee can spend entering data by hand, versus entering it electronically?  It couldn’t be that much, could it?  But you’d be surprised at the amount of labor lost through antiquated entry techniques.

Considering the potential for savings, going paperless is a great idea.  But how do you get started?  One great way to cut your total paper costs—while improving your workflow, strengthening your workforce and getting a great return on investment is through your Computerized Maintenance Management System, or CMMS.  Through the use of this type of software, you’ll quickly see the use of your paper products diminish, as well as the added costs of paper.  And if you go with a web-based system, you’ll see even more savings.

Through the use of preventive maintenance software, your technicians will have all pertinent information on their SmartPhone or Tablet, and can enter all data needed to complete the job electronically.  Quality inspections can be done in up to half the time, and without the need and waste of entering findings on a hard copy.  And with the use of available barcode technology, you can get even faster results, not only cutting your paper use, but cutting overtime costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Knowing the necessary information regarding your workforce should be fast and easy, and employee management features with today’s better CMMS lets you do just that.  You can quickly ascertain where your employee is, what job they’re performing, and what training they still need.  And by using your CMMS, you’ve eliminated the need for log books, employee files and time sheets.

And with electronic data, you no longer have to deal with illegible sign out cards for equipment.  In fact, you don’t have to deal with sign out cards at all.  With barcode technology and additional barcode scanners, your inventory will be accounted for and your shelves will contain the parts and tools you need—not boxes of papered records and files.

Going paperless; it’s not only good for the environment, it’s great for your company’s bottom line, as well.  And nothing makes it easier than your CMMS.