Creating a Leaner Landscaping Business

Owning a landscaping business can be rewarding – working outside, breathing fresh air, staying in shape, and enjoying your surroundings.  However, when you consider equipment costs, supplies, employee schedules, not to mention your competitors vying for the same jobs as you, you have to wonder—how can I cut costs, provide the same quality services, and continue to grow?  By using landscaping business technology to your advantage, you can ensure your wallet stays as green as a fresh cut lawn.

With landscaping software, you can track work completion, work quality, and worker performance so that your clients have an understanding of the value you deliver.  You can schedule periodic tasks easily and even schedule maintenance on your equipment to ensure it keeps working efficiently.  You can track supplies and inventory, so that monthly budgeting is made easier and more accurate.  And you can stay connected to your team, no matter where they are or what projects they’re working on.

Today’s landscaping software is accessed through the Internet—anywhere you have an Internet connection, you have access to your system.  There’s no need to purchase or learn complicated equipment, as any standard device connected to the Internet can be used, like a standard laptop, tablet or even a smart phone.  You can update work schedules, change maintenance procedures, even send photos to the client, all in real-time, so that the latest information is available to all of your team.  And as each job is completed, your employees can upload details of their work assignment, providing you important feed back to evaluate present practices and make any changes needed.

And speaking of your employees; you’ll know where each employee is, what assignment they’re working on, and how the job is progressing.  You can use the software to evaluate performance, so you can make better decisions regarding assignments.  And you’ll have complete employee information instantly, so you’ll know who’s out sick, who’s on vacation, and who’s ready to work.

If you’ve been in the business any amount of time, you know just how important it is to have dependable, efficient equipment.  Let’s face it—one day with one of your mowers in the shop can really affect your bottom line.  But with landscaping software, the important maintenance tasks that keep your equipment running reliably is scheduled, and the system will alert you to upcoming maintenance procedures.  You’ll even be able to accurately estimate the life of each piece of equipment, so when the equipment eventually fails, you’ll be ready with the ideal replacement.

Today’s landscaping business owners know that success means more than cutting lawns—it means cutting costs and running your business at its optimal level of efficiency.  With landscaping software, your business is running leaner and greener, bringing you more customers and a better bottom line.