Using Janitorial Software to Address Safety

There are some experts who claim that, when running a business, safety is the issue that should override all others.  No matter how efficient your company is at handling their responsibilities, it means little if it’s handled in an unsafe way or an unsafe environment.  Losing employees to injury costs thousands each year, and a facility that’s a hazard is not going to help build your relationship with your customer.

By using the features available with some Janitorial Software, you’ll be able to quickly identify any potential problems, and resolve the issue before the inevitable occurs.

Some features that will aid you are:

  1. Employee Management:  Is your company too small to have its own human resources department?  Software developed with janitorial management in mind includes a Human Resources Suite.  Using this feature, you can track safety issues such as lost-time accidents and sicknesses, giving you the heads up on certain prevalent types of accidents.  Then you can quickly resolve the issue before it gets out of hand.  And your system can track the employees who have completed various safety certifications and procedures, so you can send out the right person for any situation.
  2. Standard Operating Procedures:  If you have web-based Janitorial Software, your employees will have access to all information pertaining to their job, including standard operating procedures.  With this information, they’ll not only be doing their job effectively and quickly—they’ll be doing it safely, saving you and your organization lost time and liability issues.
  3. Safety Inspections:  When there is a safety issue regarding a certain piece of equipment, chemical, or cleaning procedure, it can be flagged within the system.  You can inspect safety concerns in work areas, storage areas, and even individual work processes.  Pictures can be taken of any issues found to properly document what is happening so lasting corrective and preventive action can be taken.
  4. Automated Corrective Action:  If a safety issue is discovered during inspection, you need to act on it quickly.  Not only could it be an issue leading to an injury — which can cost companies thousands of dollars — but the potential safety issue could result in fines or even a lost contract.  Your Janitorial Software should automatically generate a corrective action work request, ensuring that the problem is fixed, before a staff member or client runs the risk of injury.

No matter how well developed the system is, it can’t work with any information that isn’t inputted by you or your staff.  With your prudent actions regarding entry of data, your Janitorial Software will be able to stay ahead of potential accidents and injuries, leaving you and your staff free to do a great job.