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Each of your custodians can help or hurt your efforts. This blog helps facility managers optimize performance.

Using Janitorial Software to Address Safety

Is your company too small to have its own human resources department? Software developed with janitorial management in mind includes a Human Resources Suite.

Preventing the Spread of H1N1 Virus – Precautions for Facility Managers

Maintaining clean and sanitized buildings can help reduce the risk of flu outbreak and the spread of H1N1 virus.

What is CIMS and How Can It Help You?

One of the challenges of CIMS certification is having active systems in place to ensure everything goes as planned.

Launch the Improvement Program

Monitoring progress carefully and frequently is very important at this stage. Since the relationship has been strained, it is safe to assume that normal process for reviewing performance and introducing service improvements has not been working effectively.

Develop Proposals for Remedial Action

Agree to agree. Sit down with all of the key people who can resolve issues and bounce remedial action ideas off each other.