Category: CMMS – Inventory Management

Managing Maintenance Inventory is often an overlooked task. This blog helps facility managers minimize carrying costs and waste.

21st Century Inventory Management for Facilities

Inventory management produces its own issues and problems. But by using a quality CMMS incorporating both mobile and barcode technologies, you’ll quickly be able to manage your inventory.

Effective MRO Inventory Management

Inventory Apps enable you to quickly and accurately receive inventory, transfer it from one storage location to another, and perform physical inventories periodically to ensure your actual inventory matches what your asset management software says is present. If you want to track everything in real time, you can scan an item whenever it leaves your store room, tracking who has the material, where it is going to be used, and keep a full consumption history of everything you purchase.

Efficient Inventory Management with Barcodes

Although purchasing handheld scanners to benefit from bar coding does come with an up-front expense, it is an effective way to optimize inventory management in mid to large size organizations.