Turn Your Janitorial Service Goals Into Reality

Janitorial Service Companies face strong competition, but they have the advantage of market growth. Simply put – most businesses no longer want to have an in-house janitorial team. It just makes more sense to hire an outside contractor.

Consequently, Janitorial Service Companies are projected to flourish, regardless of economic volatility in the business world. And many franchises are available in the cleaning services industry, meaning that the new service companies don’t have to try to succeed on their own—they have a team which supports them and provides them with the latest information for success.

However, janitorial services are no without their share of problems. Employee turnover is amongst the highest of any given business. Along with recent health scares and panics, coupled with concerns over the safety of cleaning supplies and methods, have janitorial business owners on guard. For this reason, Janitorial Software has been popular with cleaning businesses, and their use has produced great results. If you’re starting out in the cleaning industry, or want to learn more about growing your company, here are some of the goals of your peers—and how those goals are met with Janitorial Software:


  1. Lower Costs: Even the newest business owner knows that success comes from the ability to cut costs, and Janitorial Software can help you in this mission. Preventive maintenance features ensure that your equipment is running dependably, and decreases the amount of unexpected breakdowns. The use of mobile technologies integrate your system with standard Internet devices, like smart phones, laptops and tablets, so your staff have all the information that they need to complete their jobs accurately and quickly. And supply consumption tracking tools help you manage these costs, and make monthly budgeting easier and more exact.
  2. Improved Employee Management: You can’t follow your employees around from assignment to assignment—but wouldn’t it be great if you could? After all, your success is dependent upon each employee completing each task beyond customer satisfaction. But by using standard mobile devices, your employees can check in at each job site, access the necessary details to complete the task, and give direct feedback regarding each job. You’ll know where each employee is at any given time, and see exactly how long each assignment took to complete. And should a job require special training or certifications, you’ll quickly know which of these employees are available, so that less time is wasted assigning the wrong worker to the job.
  3. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Situations demanding attention happen very day, and they can’t always wait until your team gets around to it. Clients usually want it taken care of immediately, if not sooner. The Service Request and Quality Inspection tools built into your Janitorial Software can automatically generate work orders and dispatch workers, so that jobs are tackled sooner, leading to increased customer satisfaction. And because many new janitorial service clients are obtained through word of mouth, the great reputation you’ve created means more work—and a better bottom line.

If you want your company to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive janitorial services industry, or if you’re just getting started, an investment in Janitorial Software may be just what you need. No other product can better meet the goals specific to the cleaning supply providers.