Maintenance Management Software and Your Business

Every business depends on systems to generate revenue and profit.  Larger companies generally have invested heavily in their systems to ensure they can compete.  However, every size business has the opportunity to use industry best practices through web based Maintenance Management Software.

Purchasing Software Will Not Make You Profit

Don’t get me wrong, there is value in just purchasing a good CMMS.  Some companies promote that they have great systems that are web based, real time, and cost effective.  They get sales.  They lose clients.  They don’t use the software they purchased.
The value of maintenance management software is not in the purchase or implementation, but in the daily use of the system to resolve issues and make your team more efficient.  Effectively using your chosen system is the key to reducing costs and increasing profits.

The way that maintenance, repairs, and service are managed within your business is a vital to your success.  Your CMMS is the framework to improve accountability by increasing visibility of your management and control of maintenance work processes.
Before making the decision to purchase maintenance management software for a business, it is wise to decide on the type of software package that will benefit the business and provide an excellent return on investment in the shortest amount of time. There are many different types of maintenance systems available and it is important to define the exact needs and requirements of a business to ensure that the best one is implemented.

The Value of Maintenance Management Software:

  1. Preventative Maintenance:  CMMS provides intuitive software that helps maintenance workers track small changes in building or manufacturing equipment that can indicate the need for proactive maintenance.  Routine maintenance ensures that parts or components are serviced and replaced before costly repairs become a problem.  You can also compare the cost of preventive efforts versus repairs needed to ensure your maintenance plan is working.  Minimizing costly repairs and possible down time is one of the most important features of this software.
  2. Asset Management:  You can actually maintain and track any asset your organization has purchased or rented.  This includes vehicles, computer systems, or even software.  You have likely made a large investment in infrastructure, and it can be costly to ignore preventive measures that will improve your business.  Maintenance management software provides vital information that helps key managers make sound financial decisions.  Your CMMS can be used for financial planning, service contracts, and warranties on all of your assets.
  3. Inventory Management:  Carrying the right level and type of supplies, parts, and tools keeps your maintenance staff efficient.  However, most organizations don’t adequately track consumption of these key materials.  Maintenance management software is very good at tracking and controlling these types of materials according to budget and specification.  Your CMMS is likely able to manage the ordering and purchasing of materials needed to keep the facility running effectively, without causing unnecessary carrying costs or running out of key materials.  Although each material may only represent a small opportunity for savings, when combining all of the materials and the turnover of inventory, it is much easier to see that not managing these factors can cost your business a lot of money.
  4. Work Schedule Management:  When most people think of maintenance management software, they think primarily of work scheduling.  This is a high value component of any system, and the more you use it, the more your organization will benefit.  Understanding the dynamic of your work flow to ensure consistent service can make the difference between average to poor value and great returns on investment.  Using your CMMS well to manage on-demand requests can save your organization thousands of dollars each year.  Integrating all of the other tools found in modern maintenance management software provides a powerful structure to optimize performance and minimize cost.

Remember that the key to getting a great ROI from your CMMS is using the features to their fullest within your business.  Almost any system will bring serious benefit when used correctly.  Your obligation as a manager is to choose the system that best fits the experience and capabilities of your staff.  Once that decision is verified, focus on utilization and the benefits you envision will become part of your normal business process.