Successful CMMS Software Implementation

Every year companies spend thousands of dollars on new CMMS Software, but months after implementation, they end up using less than twenty percent of the software capabilities.  In most cases, this is an avoidable situation, but everyone on the CMMS Software Implementation Team will have to work closely together to achieve success.

The most common challenge for the team is performing a thorough review of the company’s business practices before implementation, including how it could fully utilize the desired software work processes and features.  Another common challenge is collecting the right implementation information, since in many cases, it needs to be created or significantly corrected.

CMMS Software is a user driven process and how the software is fully utilized in the field depends on operation managers.  If the managers are not fully educated on the fundamental functions of the CMMS Software, it makes it harder for the organization to capture the benefits they paid to achieve.

In order to ensure the right CMMS Software for your business process, it is important to have a complete review of how work is currently performed and any special client requirements.  All critical policies and procedures need to be implemented into the CMMS Software to take advantage of the system capabilities.

The project manager needs to work with the entire user group to determine what goals they have and to ensure the final result meets expectations.  If pre-implementation planning is done properly, the CMMS Software Implementation process can take a few days to a few weeks.

The best implementation process relies on assembling the right team members who understand the needs of the facility, pre-implementation planning that sets readily achievable goals, data collection that is matched to those goals, and a flexible CMMS Software system that can achieve the desired results.