Facility Management Software Can Save You Money

It is critical for a business to manage its properties efficiently.  One of the best ways to get this done is using web based facility maintenance software.

Automation is a Big Deal

One of the most important cost saving functions of facility maintenance software is automation:

  1. When Preventive Maintenance is due – notifications to assigned workers and scheduling managers.
  2. When Preventive Maintenance is completed – notifications to project and building managers.
  3. When Service is requested – notifications to assigned workers.
  4. When Service is completed – notifications to the initiator, project and building managers.
  5. When Materials are running low – notifications to the project manager.
  6. When Material costs may go over budget – instant notification before an order is placed.

Protect Your Assets

First tough question:  Do you currently have an accurate list of all maintained assets in your facility?  If being totally honest, it is surprising how many facility managers would have to answer “No”.

Detailed cost histories of the maintenance and repairs performed for all facility equipment is vital to your budget.  Facility maintenance software tracks all of the money spent so you can make budgeting or repair/replace decisions without much guess work.

Second tough question:  Do you currently have an accurate list of all supplies, parts, and tools in your facility?  Even more facility managers would have to answer “No”.

Supplies, parts, and tools are valuable assets.  While tracking your maintenance labor and 3rd party contractor costs, you could easily track your supplies, parts, tools, and even rentals with facility maintenance software.  Having this information leads to lowered carrying costs and greater cash flow.

Safety and Security – Job #1

Providing a safe and secure work environment is a top priority for any facility.  Your facility maintenance software could be tracking all of the training provided to every maintenance staff member.  Clear work instructions, with Safety precautions clearly stated at the beginning of the work order, could be automatically provided for each preventive maintenance task you perform.

Any safety concerns that are found during maintenance or repairs can be documented and highlighted so you are made aware of potential hazards before it is too late.

Wasted Time = Wasted Money

Time management is important for any business.  Coordinating all of the activities required to keep your facility running smoothly is another potential savings.

The goal of any maintenance system is to avoid costly downtime due to a lack of labor, supplies, parts, or money.  Preparing an automated schedule in advance helps to spread work load while providing a preview of materials needed and costs estimates for performing work.

The ability to optimize work load to correspond to peak demand can save a considerable amount of overtime while providing greater safety, security, and comfort for the people using your facility every day.

All Facilities Have Custom Needs

Cookie cutter solutions cost you money.  Every facility needs to be managed independently to optimize resource utilization.  Facility maintenance software can help you analyze performance over time, zeroing in on opportunities to make your facility more efficient.  This is especially true for groups of buildings or with buildings that are larger in size.

Throughout your facility, there are dollars waiting to be picked up and put to better use.  Freeing your time to pursue these savings is the primary objective of facility maintenance software.