Preventive Maintenance Software? We Can’t Afford THAT!

You don’t need to be an economic expert to notice the fluctuations in the global economy, and the way it has affected business decisions in this country and all over the world.  One company announces major layoffs; another reports record profits.  Rather than join in on the roller coaster ride, the average company is opting to sit it out and wait.  Wait to do any new hiring; wait to make any major upgrades; wait to make any unnecessary expenditures of any type, including a major investment such as Preventive Maintenance Software.

That was probably a mistake in years past, when the features of older systems could give a hand up to any company—even in an unsettling economy.  But as the newer features and advances in mobile technology have vastly improved, not investing in modern Preventive Maintenance Software could be the decision that ultimately reduces the ability for a company to remain competitive.  A web-based Computerized Maintenance Management System, or CMMS can immediately lower costs while increase accountability and productivity.

How can a good system make such a difference to a company seeking to control costs and eliminate waste?  Here are just a few ways Preventive Maintenance Software does just that:

  1. Increases Productivity:  CMMS does more than just schedule and organize your maintenance; it provides you with the diagnostics needed to continually improve upon it.  Using the data provided, you can quickly adjust your workflow to its optimum level, ensuring that any time or costs for any tasks are well spent.
  2. Decreases Breakdowns:  By improving upon preventive and other maintenance schedules, Preventive Maintenance Software quickly decreases breakdowns and failures.  On average, a quality system can decrease downtimes by 20 to 30 hours per year.  What does your downtime cost per hour?
  3. Decreases Overtime Costs:  Using employee management tools, included with most high quality systems, the average plant can save about 10% of their projected overtime costs by simply managing their staff more effectively.
  4. Decreases Inventory Costs:  When you know how many parts and supplies you use during a given period, you can accurately order inventory based on this history, and eliminate the common mistake of ordering inventory that you already have.  And by using advanced technologies such as barcode scanners, you can manage your inventory even more efficiently.

“But this isn’t FREE, is it?”  No—every productivity tool requires an initial investment, which can vary depending upon the system and the features.  But some companies who have worked in earnest have seen a return on investment within six months, with any savings after that going back into the company’s bottom line.  So, what are you waiting for?  There may not be a better time to invest in Preventive Maintenance Software.