Work Coordination

If you are like most managers, you have probably sworn to yourself on a number of occasions that you won’t let scheduling conflicts get the better of you again.

Scheduling conflicts can quickly drain your available resources, lead to unreasonable amounts of waste, and can turn a good project into one that keeps you up at night.  Managers and suppliers should work as a team to achieve the efficiencies needed to have successful operations.

Building Maintenance Software can be an effective way to help your team manage preventive maintenance, cyclical maintenance, repair projects, service orders, alteration projects, and capital projects.  These tools help your team coordinate successfully with a minimal amount of effort, even when the projects involve conferences, parties, and after-hours activities.

The objective of work coordination should be to make the most efficient use of everyone’s time.  When challenged with the many functions of facility management, scheduling conflicts and potential problems have become expected to some degree.

Keep in mind that efficient work may not mean eliminating all scheduling conflicts, since that may actually cost more than it’s worth.  Efficient work means eliminating scheduling conflicts that drain your resources and have excessive costs, knowing that you will still have some minor conflicts.

Using the right tools and techniques for proper planning and project management, along with a good communication process, will result in work coordination that everyone on your team will appreciate.