Maintenance Planning Essentials – Assumption and Constraint Stages


When looking into the future, some assumptions need to be made for the sake of planning.  Accurate assumptions can be made through knowledgeable individuals and with effective use of what you already know.

It can be helpful to ask yourself the question, “What information do I need to prepare a facility plan for five years from now?” Assumptions should be limited to only the ones that are truly significant to the plan.


Sometimes, facility constraints that can impede the maintenance plan’s effectiveness are listed separately.  The goal is to understand the real world issues that you face, such as budgetary pressures, equipment condition, facility history, rising energy costs, etc.

Constraints should only be declared when they have the potential to significantly affect your performance objectives.

Planning and efficiency tools such as Building Maintenance Software can help understand past performance, surges in tenant demand, staffing requirements, and equipment history.