Outsourcing Relationships: Challenging Failure (part 1 of 6)

When dealing with a failing outsourcing relationship, getting back on track can be achieved by following a ten step program of improvement.  Before we can get to the 10 step process for success, we need to review 10 important concepts.

1.  Realize that people have different perspectives on problems and you need to
remain objective at all times.

2.  Don’t be a contributor to the problem; be part of the solution.

3.  Set Milestones: It is rare to jump from a failing relationship to a successful one

4.  Make sure that everyone is clear about roles, responsibilities, and ownership
of issues.

5.  Talk and listen to your service provider or client.

6.  Refer to facts, not hearsay or rumor.

7.  Documentation of progress is going to be required.  Tracking can be simplified
with tools like CMMS Software and Janitorial Software.

8.  Don’t threaten the other party; this doesn’t fit well with the open and honest
relationship you’re working hard to build.

9.  If you are the client, and the situation deteriorates, you will still be dependent
on your service provider (at least in the short term).  You will need to work closely
with your service provider to transfer services to another provider.
You can’t just simply walk away.

10.  Instead of seeing the other party as the cause of all your problems, work together
to fix your problems.  In this way, you have a higher possibility of saving your

In part two, we will review steps 1 and 2 of Challenging Failure.