What is CIMS and How Can It Help You?

CIMS stands for the Cleaning Industry Management Standard, which was developed by ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association and the AICS – the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences.  It was created as a consensus-based process taking requirements from the cleaning, facilities management, and purchasing areas.

If a company is CIMS compliant, that means they are structured to deliver consistent quality cleaning services to their customer.  A CIMS compliant company has met comprehensive standards with their systems, processes, and documentation. There is no better measurement or benchmark of excellence with which to evaluate an organization today.

Preparing for CIMS helps companies become more organized, and gives them the opportunity to look at all of their business processes at once, seeing all of the connections perhaps for the first time.  The real benefit is higher levels of consistency in everything that is done within the organization, which leads to better service and lower costs.

One of the challenges of CIMS certification is having active systems in place to ensure everything goes as planned and that there is adequate documentation to prove it.  Companies turn to Janitorial Software to help them stay organized, even as staff changes, and provide the level of control they need to achieve their objectives.