Barcoding Saves Time & Money

In today’s fast moving facilities, keeping track of Employees, Quality, and Inventory is a time consuming process.  Plus, there are significant challenges verifying the accuracy of that information.

Barcoding your facility can increase your organizational capabilities when combined with CMMS Software or Janitorial Business Software to help your team track performance and make smart decisions.


Using barcodes, you can easily verify work performed by your janitorial and maintenance staff.  You will know when a task begins and ends, plus who did the work.  You can also determine the travel time between tasks to better understand route schedules and employee efficiency.

Verifying work performance will help you provide better training procedures and cut down costs.  Many Facility Mangers are responsible for multiple buildings.  By knowing the time it takes for employees to get to different buildings, you can optimize route schedules by reducing travel time to cut labor and fuel costs.


Facility Managers are asked difficult quality questions.  Was the inspector actually there?  What exactly are you inspecting?  Was that the correct area to inspect?

If you use barcodes with CMMS Software or Janitorial Business Software, you can easily answer those questions.  Mobile devices will time stamp inspections and automatically display the exact location & inspection criteria for the Inspector. Whether it is an inspection based on cleanable items in a room or check points for a piece of equipment, mobile devices with barcode capabilities will save inspection time, provide more accurate inspections, and verify inspection performance.


Many facilities are affected by limited space, supply shrinkage, and heavy consumption.  Inventory management systems that use barcodes will provide accurate and timely information to assist you in managing those issues.  You will be able to track consumption, understand usage patterns, and better control supply shrinkage problems.

You will have alerts when inventory falls below minimum set points, and be able to track equipment location accurately to stop guessing where it went.

All of this adds up to saving management and labor time, which gives your team time to focus on making money in your facility.