7 Steps to Providing Remarkable Customer Service

Researchers say an unhappy customer will tell an average of ten people about their bad experience.  Usually twelve percent of them tell up to twenty people.

A satisfied customer will tell about five people about their positive experience.   This means bad news spreads a whole lot faster than good news.

Great service strengthens customer satisfaction and can turn ordinary clients into long-term clients.  Here are a few ways to increase your customer satisfaction:

  1. Be Accountable – effectively use good Maintenance Management Software or Cleaning Business Software to track work performance and client requests.
  2. Listen to your Customers – be knowledgeable and work to help them find solutions
  3. Be Dedicated – follow up consistently to meet their needs
  4. Be Respectful – even when they may frustrate you
  5. Go Above and Beyond – don’t just focus on immediate profit, give them more than they expect
  6. Be Genuine and Personalized – take time to customize all correspondence, whether they are notes, emails, or letters
  7. Show them you Care – Throw in something extra, whether its additional info on the use of a product or a genuine smile.  Make sure they feel appreciated.

The experience of a customer is affected every day you provide service.  A satisfied client will provide positive feedback, help you make more money, and even help you get new clients.