Work Prioritization to Maximize Value

In any facility, there are conflicting priorities that can strain resources.  Although political and financial pressures can sometimes change priorties in disproportionate ways, it is important to remain focused on the critical priorities in your facility.

Efficient facilities have found that their first priority should be maintenance that protects life and property, their second priority deals with problems that can affect tenant satisfaction, and their third priority is routine maintenance that reduces the cost of operations.  Identifying, prioritizing, scheduling, and tracking these three fundamental objectives can be made easier and more cost efficient with Facility Maintenance Software:

Issues that involve protecting life or property obviously need to be dealt with immediately.  An effective emergency response plan with a “calling tree” that outlines who should be notified based upon the situation is invaluable when these emergencies arise.  Easy access to your emergency response plan is critical to your performance, and many organizations have found it valuable to have this information secured (password protected) on a website to ensure availability.

Tenant satisfaction is sometimes difficult to achieve, but with a good plan and the right tools, your team can peform consistently and efficiently.  This type of work is initiated by your client or it can be scheduled work that avoids future costs by performing it concurrent to an ongoing project.  Typically this type of work is requested through a work ticket or service request.  Facility Maintenance Software can make service request work much easier and more productive by helping you schedule & notify workers, track performance, and analyze costs.

The third level priority involves routine maintenance.  Routine maintenance can include non critical repairs and preventive maintenance.  Usually, this is the work that is done when the other two levels are in control.  Your goal is to help avoid future costs while remaining efficient with the use of available resources.  Facility Maintenance Software can also help keep your team efficient in this area, especially when integrated with managing second level work requests.

These concepts may be second nature to you by now, but the key is to ensure that your entire staff understands how to properly handle work prioritization to minimize costs and avoid mistakes during emergencies.