CMMS: Ideal for Streamlining Standards and Procedures

There are many different maintenance standards in our industry such as the GSA 5850, APPA, or RS Means.  Each has their pros and cons, but regardless of which one you choose to meet your facility’s needs, these standards can significantly improve your internal procedures.

Your choice in CMMS should help you utilize the standards and procedures that ensure each employee is following the same set of instructions.  This would include things like frequencies of your preventive maintenance, scheduling, tools, instructions and the type of equipment readings you expect.

When you receive a Preventive Maintenance service notification from your CMMS, you will have the ability to print out all of the information related to that service.  This saves you the time and effort of looking in a spreadsheet or manual for the service instructions, tools and other information.

As a Facility Manager, you can also rest easy knowing that your employees have everything they need to complete their task.   A good CMMS will assist your facility with the best return on investment for the equipment purchased.