Preventing the Spread of H1N1 Virus – Precautions for Facility Managers

The H1N1 Virus or Swine Flu outbreak of pandemic influenza has caused illness, hospitalization and even deaths all across the US this year.  The World Health Organizations have raised phase 4 pandemic alerts and according to Disease Control and Prevention, the most effective method of prevention is taking precautionary measures in hygiene.

Facility Managers are training staff on proper methods of using disinfectants to help eliminate the spread of infections in working environments.  Maintaining clean and sanitized buildings can help reduce the risk of flu outbreak and the spread of H1N1 virus.

Part of the effort is educating the public about the importance of sanitizing and cleaning high traffic public areas.  Many companies are using environmentally friendly disinfectant cleaners to wipe all areas throughout their facilities like the Washington Metro.  The Washington Post claims “Good personal hygiene can cut the risk of spreading and catching the virus.”

Employers and their cleaning staff play an important role in protecting employees’ health and safety.  Educating staff with verbal and written work instructions can help prevent the influence of H1N1 virus and the risks associated with outbreaks within facilities.  In addition, maintenance staff can help by ensuring timely preventive maintenance on air handling equipment that can improve indoor air quality and help prevent the virus from spreading.

Tracking the progress of cleaning staff can be easily accomplished with Cleaning Service Software while maintenance staff can use their Facility Maintenance Software to ensure filters are changed regularly and that vents are free from contaminants to improve indoor air quality.

The right preventive measures can help minimize the spread of H1N1 virus this year.