Uncover Lost Profit

Understanding where operations can cut costs to improve earnings has become a daily priority for many Facility Managers.  In the Janitorial business, the largest area of focus lately has been labor costs and how to improve employee efficiency.  In essence, do more with less.

Since understanding employee efficiency is very time consuming, and work hours haven’t gotten any shorter, managers are turning to efficiency tools to get the most performance possible in their facilities.

One of these efficiency tools is Janitorial Management Software, which enhances a manager’s ability to control costs in multiple ways through work management, quality management, employee management, and inventory management.  Improved control in each of these critical areas has helped managers avoid costly mistakes by tracking work performance and highlighting opportunities to enhance their bottom line.

Janitorial Management Software can play a key role in organizing business operations.  An example is managing work schedules that tie directly into employee timekeeping and work tracking, ensuring work performance and improving efficiency.  Combine this with Quality Inspections, and you now have a complete cost performance picture for each employee and their supervisors.

Many Project Mangers, Shift Supervisors, and Crew Supervisors have found that this type of tool has given them more time to focus on what is important, avoiding many daily “emergencies” that robbed their productivity in the past.  If you take time to explore the benefits of Janitorial Management Software within your organization, you may find new ways to uncover lost profit.