Janitorial Quality: Expense or Investment?

What is Janitorial Quality?  Definitions can vary widely, but at the most basic, Janitorial Quality means ensuring that the service provided consistently meets the expectations of the client.

Janitorial Quality can be elusive, because clients want to receive what they think they have paid for, but they don’t always agree with their service providers on levels of performance.

How can you determine if your Janitorial Quality Program is an Expense or Investment?  You should start with what you know.

Do You:

Perform regular quality inspections?
Perform corrective action on deficiencies you find?
Prepare quality reports on your inspections and corrections?
Attend regular quality meetings within your company and with your clients?
Create Quality Plans?
Perform quality training with your staff?

It might surprise you to know that all of the items listed above are an Expense!

However, they are all necessary expenses.  If you fail to perform the actions above, at some point, your client will surely let you know, which can lead to a bad day or worse.

So, how do you transform Quality from an Expense into an Investment?


Using the actions listed above as a road map, Preventive Action can actually pay for all of the efforts you expend on Janitorial Quality.  But, Preventive Action is not a simple reaction to problems or complaints.  Preventive action involves analysis of Quality performance, including trend and risk analysis, and employee proficiency tracking.

It is important to do it right, so you can maximize your cost savings and client satisfaction.  If tasks are getting done too quickly, chances are that Quality will not be what your clients expected.  But, if you focus too much on Quality, tasks will not get done in a timely manner, and it will cost you too much money.  It is up to your managers and employees to find the proper balance between the two.

Preventive Action doesn’t have to cost a lot or take all of your manager’s time.  There are a number of Janitorial Software tools available that will help you better control performance.  For your efforts, you will receive a great return on investment by avoiding costly issues, and possibly getting more business through a clear demonstration of your capabilities and your reputation for excellent quality.

As a result, Preventive Action can lead you to more profits, which will transform Quality from an Expense into an Investment.