LEED Certification: Green Cleaning Products

Many companies working toward LEED certification are switching to Green Cleaning products and services to save thousands of dollars in costs and integrate environmental benefits for their facilities.  Green Seal Certified products help janitorial companies decrease pollutant spread and improve air quality.

Green Seal and EcoLogo certified product lines are made with 100% renewable ingredients for Earth Friendly Commercial Cleaning Solutions.  Using certified janitorial chemicals and equipment for general purpose cleaning benefits building operations and the indoor environment.

Paper products are also an important resource for Green Cleaning.  Recycled contents and paper products have major impacts on sustainable forest management and global certification programs.  Items like janitorial Paper Tissues and Towels(GS-1 , GS-9) are Green Seal products that are bleached without the use of chlorine or harmful materials.

Effective tracking and utilization of environmentally sound materials and procedures can be facilitated by Janitorial Software.  Using effective green programs and products in the commercial business promotes green communication within building occupants.  This allows members to be a part of the process to ensure a healthy cleaning environment.