What is Green Cleaning?

As the buzz words ‘Green Cleaning’ are receiving more and more attention, we thought it would be beneficial to stop and see what all the hype is about.

What is Green Cleaning?  It is simply a growing trend, using methods and products that are environmentally friendly.  Chemicals and ingredients used in green cleaning help preserve the quality of human health and the environment, avoiding the use of chemically-reactive and toxic ingredients.   These products may have various toxic chemicals that emit volatile organic compounds that can cause respiratory and dermatological problems among other adverse effects.

As we learn more about the harmful effects of these toxic chemicals, the commercial green cleaning industry and need for LEED compliance and green-based buildings is growing rapidly.  Utilizing tools like Janitorial Management Software to track utilization and provide new work instructions, companies are providing efficient, eco-friendly products and services to their customers.

Green cleaning also describes the way cleaning products are manufactured, packaged and distributed.  When the manufacturing process is environmentally-friendly and the products are biodegradable, then the terms “green” or “eco-friendly” are used.

Maximizing recycling initiatives, while reducing water & electricity consumption through proven techniques helps save time, money and energy.  Green Cleaning is an exciting way we can help preserve the earth for future generations to come!