LEED Credit for Innovations in Design (ID 1-1.4)

Building operators and team projects have the opportunity to be awarded points for exceptional performance through technological strategies.  The LEED for New Construction Green Building Rating System encourages strategies for measureable environment and health benefits through technological innovations.

There are two innovation strategies that qualify under the LEED standards:

A project that incorporates energy efficiency measures and demonstrates performance improvements for environmental benefits.  These credits are awarded for achieving percentage change in existing building maintenance.

An innovation credit can be attained with a Building Operations Plan.  This would include an operating plan which identifies all space uses, occupancy types in the building, and conditions required in the spaces.  There would be documentation of schedules for all occupants of the building, whether they are a full time occupant or part time.  The mode of operation provides indoor scheduling for the employees occupied and unoccupied or day versus night scheduling.

The Building Operations Plan summary would give a report of the systems installed in the building, for example:  space heating, space cooling, ventilation and humidification.

The documents submitted to USGBC must include narrative submittal of credit requirements, projects approach to achievement, description of quantifiable environmental benefits, and copies of the reports.

Using either strategy, the results of the project or plan need to be tracked to demonstrate value was achieved.  Companies of all sizes use Facility Maintenance Software to keep them on track and to document their performance.