Establish Communication Channels

Beyond definitions spelled out in your contract and communicating with the other party, there should be a well documented Service Delivery Plan. This plan gives you a roadmap of services that will be performed, and can be administered through advanced Janitorial Software or CMMS Software to make tracking progress simple & effective.

Outsourcing Relationships: Challenging Failure (part 1 of 6)

When dealing with a failing outsourcing relationship, getting back on track can be achieved by following a ten step program of improvement.

Performance Based Contracts: Defining Client Satisfaction

Facility Maintenance Software can help you identify areas of opportunity, improve quality and consistency, and prove that objectives have been met. The right system can help you clearly define “client satisfaction”.

Take Control Over Costs

A well implemented CMMS program helps control costs by reducing planning time, managing employee schedules to make sure they stay on task, and ensuring that quality is sufficient.