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Live Tracking of Facility Maintenance Work Performance

It is helpful to think of your CMMS as a tool, just like you have in your tool box. If you had to loosen the bolts on a heat exchanger, you probably would prefer to have a wrench. If you had to ensure work gets done on time and done properly every time, you would probably prefer a web based CMMS.

Can Purchasing a CMMS Save You Money?

Many people compare features and purchase a system within their budget that has the most “bells and whistles”. This can be a counter-productive decision, since most of the features that look enticing can be too time consuming or difficult for average employees.

Preventive Maintenance Value

Even if Preventive Maintenance frequencies are “stretched”, using a PM program in your facility is still the best way to keep your building and your budget in tip top shape.

Preventing the Spread of H1N1 Virus – Precautions for Facility Managers

Maintaining clean and sanitized buildings can help reduce the risk of flu outbreak and the spread of H1N1 virus.

Go Green with Paperless Facility Management

One effective way to “Go Green” in your facility operations is to go paperless.