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Maintenance Planning Essentials – Contingency Planning

Budgeting and Scheduling are fundamental needs of your facility. Your goal is to think through the scenarios that will protect you from failure.

Maintenance Planning Essentials – Introduction and Expectation Stages

Strategies vary from planner to planner and in many facilities, last year’s plan is used without modification, or there is no plan at all.

Designing a Maintenance Plan

A good maintenance program uses a combination of the techniques above to ensure that facility elements are maintained and repaired cost-effectively.

Efficient Inventory Management with Barcodes

Although purchasing handheld scanners to benefit from bar coding does come with an up-front expense, it is an effective way to optimize inventory management in mid to large size organizations.

Performance Based Contracts: Defining Client Satisfaction

Facility Maintenance Software can help you identify areas of opportunity, improve quality and consistency, and prove that objectives have been met. The right system can help you clearly define “client satisfaction”.