Category: CMMS – Work Accountability

Every good manager can improve work accountability with the right CMMS Software tools. This blog helps facility managers improve work performance.

Preventing the Spread of H1N1 Virus – Precautions for Facility Managers

Maintaining clean and sanitized buildings can help reduce the risk of flu outbreak and the spread of H1N1 virus.

CMMS: Ideal for Streamlining Standards and Procedures

Your choice in CMMS should help you utilize the standards and procedures that ensure each employee is following the same set of instructions.

LEED Credit for Innovations in Design (ID 1-1.4)

Building operators and team projects have the opportunity to be awarded points for exceptional performance through technological strategies.

LEED Management

Facility Managers are using Facility Maintenance Software to implement sustainable operations and maintenance practices to reduce the environmental impact of their buildings.

Work Management Efficiency

Work standards are too easily corrupted without a means to clearly communicate work requirements, track work progress, and demonstrate the quality of work performed.